Enrolled Agent Exam Review Course

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Enrolled Agent Exam Review Course


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NSA’s Enrolled Agent Exam Review Course–written by John O. Everett, Ph.D., CPA, a nationally recognized tax author and lecturer– is a three-volume reference intensive review geared toward a single purpose: to help you master tax basics and pass the EA exam.

This course is differentiated from other study guides with its emphasis on diagrams, examples, and case studies that allow you to LEARN the law, and not just memorize facts. We challenge you to find a course that offers all of the following features at such an affordable price!

The 2021 NSA EA Exam Review Course is based upon 2020 calendar year tax law.

Program Level: Basic/Intermediate
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of federal taxation
Advance Preparation: None
Delivery Method: QAS Self-Study

Pass the exam your first time!

Each Course Includes: 

  • Over 1,000 Pages of Detailed Study Notes - Clear explanations, numerous examples, and effective study tools and exam-taking tips that prepare you to pass the exam the first time.

  • Study Guides - Pace your study with 18 (6 per Part) - detailed, study lessons and review questions to help you master each section of the materials.

  • Top 150 Questions Per Part - Essential questions on topics that you will absolutely need to master.

  • Hundreds of Past Exam Questions -  Review hundreds of questions from previous open exams, complete with answers and explanations.

  • Past Exam Question Frequency Tables - Each subtopic examined in the Review Course includes a frequency table for the last 10 years of open exams, giving you insights into the topics the IRS considered most important on the exam.

  • Final Review Card for Each Part of the Exam - This two-page super summary for each part of the exam is the perfect last-minute memory-jogger to use as a review immediately before the exam.

  • Plan of Study - Plan and manage your study time and schedule and avoid burnout using these guides with detailed assignments and time allocations.

  • E-mail the Author to Answer Your Questions - Stumped on a particular topic? Need help understanding something? With our course, you can simply email your questions to the author.

Purchase all 3 parts of the course or purchase 1, each course includes all the same tools to help you succeed! 

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About the Author

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John O. Everett, CPA, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of Accounting at VCU in Richmond, VA. John’s teaching specialty is federal taxation. He has authored or co-authored over 90 articles in academic and professional journals including the NSA EA Exam Review Course and 1040 101 Course, and is the coauthor of several textbooks, including CCH Practical Guide to Schedule M-3 Compliance, The HBJ Federal Tax Course, Income Tax Fundamentals, and Tax Planning With the Computer.