Select Your NSA Membership

Active Membership 

Active Members are required to meet continuing education requirements, completing a minimum of 72 credit hours in each three-year reporting cycle, with a minimum of 16 credit hours in any one-year. Active Members must be in public practice and meet one of the following requirements. 
  • Have a valid permit/license granted under state law for the public practice of accountancy, taxation or law, Public Accountant, Accounting Practitioner License, Tax Permit/License, Certified Public Accountant, Attorney at Law
  • Enrolled Agent
  • Passed the IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer exam.
  • Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation (ACAT):  Accountancy (ABA),   
    Accredited Tax Advisor (ATA ), Accredited Tax Preparer (ATP),  Accredited Retirement Advisor (ARA)
  • Have an Associate, Baccalaureate or higher degree with a minimum of 24 semester hours in accounting. 
  • Have 3+ years experience in public accounting and/or taxation. Within 5 years of joining,  must meet at least one of the criteria 
    for active membership outlined above.

Dues: $225/year (Promo codes can be applied at check out)

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Associate Membership 

Associate members, who are not eligible to vote or hold office, do not need to meet continuing education requirements. If you have the following qualifications, you are eligible for Associate Membership.
  • Owner, partner, or employee of an accounting and/or tax firm & do not meet Active Member requirements.
  • Employed in government, a financial institution, private sector business or a non-profit entity. My primary responsibilities are accounting and/or taxation.


Dues: $225/year (Promo Codes can be applied at check out)

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Young Professional / New to the Industry Membership 

If you qualify for either Active or Associate Young Professional membership and are considered one of the following:
  • Young Professional (39 years of age or younger)
  • New to the Industry (0-3 years experience)
 This membership is offered at a reduced rate for up to three years.


Dues: $175 year 

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Firm Membership 

This membership enables NSA members to sign up additional members from the same firm at a discounted rate.
  • To qualify, two members from your firm must belong to NSA as Active or Associate members with full paid dues.
  • Any additional new members from the same firm may join NSA at the firm membership discount rate.

Dues: $175/year 

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Educator Associate Membership 

  • If your primary occupation is teaching accounting at an accredited college or university, then you are eligible for NSA Educator Associate Membership.
  • Educator Associate Members are not eligible to vote or hold office, and do not have continuing professional education requirements.

Dues: $125/year 

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Student Membership 

  • Must be a full-time accounting and/or business administration student to qualify.
  • Student members can take advantage of all benefits and services to help them in their careers as future accountants.

Dues: $50/year 

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International Associate Membership 

  • This membership is offered to those who live outside the United States & its Territories

Dues: $225/year 

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Vendor Membership 

  • Do you provide products or services to the tax and accounting Industry?
  • Join as a Vendor Member and save 10% on all NSA advertising opportunities and sponsorships.
  • Vendor Members are included in the NSA member directory and can take advantage of all member benefits. 


Dues: $225/year

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NSA memberships are not refundable.