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How to Shorten an Essay

When writing an essay, some students need to shorten their essay. But it doesn’t mean that you reduce the word count of your essay. If you feel that some words are not necessary, you can remove them from your essay.  A good essay writer can easily make the essay shorter and reduce the word count to meet the requirements. There are many effective techniques that some of the essay writers use and make the essay shorter.

It is the most intense part of academic writing and can be more stressful when you do it under pressure. A good essay writer shortens the essay without eliminating the main points. To be a good writer, you have to know some tips and tricks to shorten the essay.

Here are some techniques for your ease. Use them and write a good essay.

Focus on the Main Point of Essay

It is the best technique that helps you in making your essay shorter. If you want to write a good essay, you have to know your essay’s main point. If your essay is longer than recommended, then look for the paragraphs and sentences that you don’t need in your essay. Remove unnecessary words and sentences that make your essay longer. If you don’t have time, you can also get help from an essay writing service.

Remove Redundant Sentences

Most students write the same thing again and again to increase the length of the essay. It is not a good way of essay writing. Avoid writing the same sentence using different words. Try to remove all the redundant sentences and words from the essay. It is also an excellent way to keep the essay shorter.

Delete Helping Verbs

It is another technique to keep the essay shorter, so delete the helping verbs. The helping verbs make the sentences wordier. It is better not to use them in your essay.

Reduce the Prepositions

It is better to reduce the prepositions like “at,” “of,” “in,” etc. To maintain the quality of the essay, use a few prepositions. You can eliminate the preposition by using active voice. Try to delete the unnecessary prepositions and easily reduce the word count. You also have to say someone to professional writers to write my essay. Make sure that you use the right words in your essay. Unnecessary words can make the essay complex and lengthy. You can replace it with one-two words without changing the meaning or structure of the essay. Try to avoid heavy phrases and passive voice sentences/words.

Use Simple Language

Use simple language and short sentences in your essay. The long sentences are also making the essay longer. Even difficult words make the essay help lengthier and tough. Try to keep it concise and clear.

Delete the Worst Paragraphs

Remove the worst essay paragraphs that are less boring and unnecessary. The irrelevant essay paragraphs make the essay lengthy and difficult. If the essay is very lengthy, the reader loses all interest and leaves the essay without properly reading it.

Avoid Block Quotes

Try to avoid using direct quotations from other authors. Avoid using essay generators and sentence generators; they will quote other sources. It is advisable to use external sources in your essay that support your points and arguments.

If you follow these tips, you can easily write my essay for me. These tips will help you in writing a successful essay. Also, you can take online help from essay writing service websites.

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