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Why Join NSA?

NSA works for tax and accounting professionals!  Our members are owners, partners, and principals of tax and accounting practices including CPAs, Enrolled Agents, AFSPs and PTIN holders. NSA exists to serve small business accounting firms, independent practitioners and tax professionals who generally do not have access to staff or consultants to perform a myriad of supportive functions that would cost tens of thousands of dollars to hire separately. To be a member of NSA is to take part in an organization that exists to further your profession.

NSA members are professionals in every stage of practice.

Our Community

In 2011, NSA created Tax Talk, a peer-to-peer online community where professionals can ask questions and share information. Tax Talk users are active and engaged with one another, asking questions, providing answers and sharing experiences from their years in practice. To date, there are over 152,000 comments in the database, covering tax topics that matter.

This community also gives members concrete dollars and cents value.

When you have a tax or accounting question, you often need to research it in order to find an answer. As a business person, time equals money: your hourly rate. Posting a question on Tax Talk and taking advantage of decades of experience may get you an answer in less time than it would take you to find one. The hours you might have spent doing research were free to use on other tasks that equal billable hours.

As part of the NSA community, you can help the same way you were helped. Participate in Tax Talk discussions and add your advice and experience to this live discussion forum.

NSA members can now take advantage of the newest addition to NSA's communities: Accounting Talk. Accounting Talk is to practice management what Tax Talk is to tax practice. Get advice and share experiences with fellow practitioners!

Our Membership Means Value

NSA offers complimentary benefits and discount programs that help members save money, network, keep themselves and their businesses more secure and give them access to important tools that will expand their knowledge.

Just take a look at the value members get from their investment!