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Forrest T. Jones - NSA Insurance Partner

Forrest T. Jones & Company (FTJ) is an insurance agency and administrator that was established in 1953 to provide insurance products and other financial services to members of associations. NSA partnered with FTJ 50 years ago in order to offer members the business, life insurance, and health insurance they need. 

Recently, NSA introduced FTJ's cyberliability policies which will help members recover from cyber attacks that can be devastating for a practice.

Trying to repair the damage from even a small breach can be messy and expensive. NSA’s Cyber Insurance can help mitigate those costs as well as help return your business to normal. You could face expenses for:

  • Investigating the incident

  • Notifying clients and employees of the breach

  • Restoring compromised data

  • Recouping the costs of downtime

  • Restoring your company’s reputation
  • Paying to protect your clients from the impact of the cyberattack on your business

NSA members are encouraged to contact FTJ for quotes on new policies and to review existing coverage.