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    Partner withdrawal

    ​ Client is Partnership and files form 1065. There are 3 partners as of 12/31/2015. On 01/01/2016, partner A (owns 33%) left the company and partner D (owns 33%) enter in the company. There was no written partnership agreement. At the end of 12/31/2015, ...

  • Client is a non-profit entity. Entity is hiring a new Executive Director. Entity would hire candidate and provide no health insurance coverage. Entity is willing to reimburse new Executive Director for payments made to an insurance carrier for ...

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    RE: Gift Gain

    Nothing changes as far as the gift tax is concerned. Gift tax is based on fmv and has nothing to do with gain or loss. Had he sold the property in 16 for 400k and then gave her the cash, he would've reported the gain on his 1040 and still shown the full ...

Main Street Practitioner

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  • Revisiting the Most Crucial Elements of Effective Networking
  • Starting Your Own Accounting Firm
  • Managing Cash Flow When Money is Tight
  • The Power of a Positive Mindset
  • Accounting and Advising in the Nonprofit Sector
  • Tax Season Hack

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