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  • Thanks Ricki ,  Yes it hurts the client... and me too since I gave first "different kind of news" to the client compared what's the correct end result.  Unfortunately my tax program (Drake) does not do the adjustment automatically (even if it's qualified ...

  • In 2017 one of my client  acquired  70% share of Partnership  in a Hotel and paid $500 K in Goodwill.  I know I will have to do 2 tax returns because of Technical Termination which happened in 2017 Need advice how can Goodwill be recorded in the books ...

  • Has anyone out there had experience with a Charitable Remainder Trust?  I am curious I have a client who is looking at moving a rental real estate into one as the building has been fully depreciated.  He has a 25000 basis in the land and the building ...

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  • Revisiting the Most Crucial Elements of Effective Networking
  • Starting Your Own Accounting Firm
  • Managing Cash Flow When Money is Tight
  • The Power of a Positive Mindset
  • Accounting and Advising in the Nonprofit Sector
  • Tax Season Hack

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