Accounting and Tax Credentials


NSA Supports Your Growth

The NSA offers live and self-study programs that can help tax and accounting professionals attain credentialed status, no matter the stage of your career. Read more about what NSA can do for you.

ACAT Credentials

The Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation (ACAT) offers credentials for the modern tax practitioner and accountant. These industry designations signal to peers and clients that a practitioner is committed to service, experienced, up to date on taxation issues, and adheres to a strict code of conduct.

Tax pros and accountants at any stage of their careers can take NSA's preparatory courses for the following ACAT credentials:

NSA also produces Practice Exams for the ACAT credential exams.

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For more information about ACAT's credentials, exams, and theĀ ATP and ABA credential holders' exemption from the IRS Annual Filing Season Program Course and Exam Requirements, visit ACAT's website.

Enrolled Agent Exam Preparation

For tax and accounting professionals who are ready to expand their career into client representation before the IRS, NSA offers self-study and live review opportunities. Both the live and self-study programs are designed by award-winning presenters: John Everett, PhD., and William Duncan, PhD.


NSA also offers the Live Enrolled Agent Exam Review Course prior to every annual meeting. The 2019 session will be held in Charlotte, NC. Click the link below to learn more about the course.

Live EA Review