Economic Impact Payments Infographics

By National Society of Accountants posted 04-08-2020 09:06 AM


The IRS has released infographics explaining the upcoming economic stimulus checks for people who have yet to file (or may not need to file) their tax return, and general information about the value of the payments. These PDFs are an excellent resource to share with your community to answer the most basic questions about the checks they can expect to receive.

Early this week, the IRS is expected to release new guidance on how people who have not, or are not required to file, a return will be able to enter their information online to get their economic impact payment through direct deposit. Those who do not wish to share their banking information with the IRS will receive a paper check through the mail.

The NSA supports tax professionals' efforts to be a community resource during this emergency.

Download the payment check poster here.

Download the Economic Impact for Non-Filers poster here.