NSA Foundation

NSA FoundationThe NSA Foundation works to build career paths into and within the accounting profession. With its scholarship awards, the Foundation assists dedicated students who are committed to a career in accounting by providing financial assistance to support their education. With its educational grant program, the Foundation supports professional development and educational activities to expand the body of knowledge within today’s practitioner community.

Formed in 1969, the Foundation is a 501(c)3, tax-exempt organization and relies on voluntary, tax-deductible, contributions to support its programs. A Board of Trustees holds full fiduciary responsibility for managing the Foundation. Each year, thousands of students contact NSA seeking help to meet the ever-increasing costs of higher education. In response, the NSA Foundation provides financial backing to promising accounting students across the country. The Foundation awards scholarships to undergraduates enrolled in a degree program at an accredited two- or four-year college or university. Applicants for awards are judged on the basis of scholastic achievement, demonstrated leadership ability, and financial need.

Your contributions enable the NSA Foundation to offer and expand scholarships to accounting students across the country. Help support our efforts and make a tax-deductible donation today!

2023 Scholarship

For eligibility requirements, award details, selection requirements and more, review our NSA Scholarship Guidelines & FAQs. Applications must be submitted by April 30, 2023.

Prior Award Winners

Danielle Baldassari
Northeastern University

Herbert H. Landy Award - $1,500.00

Bryce Beaty
University of Washington-Seattle Campus

NSA Scholarship sponsored by Washington Association of Accountants - $3,000.00

James Burcham
Bluefield College

Stephen E. Lamp Award - $1,500.00

NSA Scholarship sponsored by North Carolina Society of Accountants - $1,000

Dawn Castle
Peru State College

NSA Scholarship sponsored by Nebraska Society of Independent Accountants - $1,000.00

Adam Cochran
University of Missouri-Columbia

NSA Scholarship sponsored by Missouri Society of Accountants - $1,250

Ryan Elliott
Union University

John Hicks Award - $1,500

W. R. Lampley Jr. Award - $1,500.00

Stanley H. Stearman Award - $2,000

Sadie Fontenot
University of Louisiana-Lafayette

NSA Scholarship sponsored by Louisiana Society of Independent Accountants - $2,000.00

Tyler Francis
University of Louisiana-Lafayette

National Society of Accountants Scholarship - $2,000.00

Wesley Harshbarger
Rocky Mountain College

NSA Scholarship sponsored by Montana Society of Public Accountants - $1,000

Margaret Kleiman
University of South Dakota

Minnesota Assoc. of Public Accountants Roseville - $1,500.00

Hannah Milliren
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

NSA Scholarship sponsored by Wisconsin Association of Accountants - $2,000.00

Lillian Ridenour
California State University-Fullerton

Samuel Stern Award - $1,500.00

Madelyn Riehman
Monmouth University

Harry Roman Award - $1,500

Milton Brown Award - $2,000.00

Madiera Sherwood
Olivet Nazarene University

Forest T. Jones Award - $1,500.00

Kiki Smith
University of Colorado Denver

Chester Borelli Award sponsored by the Public Accountants Society of Colorado - $2,000.00

McKenzie Smith
Drake University

NSA Scholarship sponsored by Arkansas Society of Accountants - $2,000.00

Matthew Watters
Brigham Young University

NSA Scholarship sponsored by Arizona Society of Practicing Accountants (ASPA) - $2,000.00

Tamera Williams
Christopher Newport University

Millard Ashley Memorial Award - $1,000

Louis & Fannie Sager Award - $2,000.00

Kristopher Wilson
Northwest Nazarene University

William Ferrance Award - $1,500.00