2020 Bylaws


2020 Bylaws

In October 2018 the NSA’s Board of Governors formally agreed to adopt our 2019-2021 Strategic Plan. This plan will provide a clear foundation for the development of the organization over the next several years.

A central goal of the Strategic Plan was to conduct a review of NSA’s governing documents and procedures. To achieve this, NSA consulted outside legal counsel with extensive experience in non-profit constitutional and bylaw governance.

The central reason for this was that at the 2018 NSA Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, the NSA membership voted to allow electronic voting, and this decision required clarifying the process and guidelines to make this possible. Our new bylaws allow for electronic voting for both future bylaw changes and for candidacy elections.

In September 2020, NSA members voted to pass the 2020 Bylaw Amendments. They are available for you to download here.