2019-2020 NSA Committees


NSA conducts the core of its activities through standing committees.  Each committee is guided by an Administrative Chair. Specific areas of responsibility are assigned to individually chaired committees within the standing committees. NSA also has a federal Political Action Committee that works to ensure legislation favorable to the independent accountant.

Membership Development

Committee Members:

Lynn Holomon, Chair
Erin Nebbin
Norm Paulson
Rhonda Marshall
Lee Jensen
Nancy Weinstein – Board Member
Jen Harrison, NSA Staff
John Rice, NSA Staff

Right to Practice

Committee Members:

Jim Holmes, Chair
Randy Brandt
Elliot Hershman
Jense Creighton
Sue Robertson, Board Member


Sub-Committee – Accounting Standards Committee Members:
Randy Brandt, Chair
Amanda Fels
Barton Baldwin
Perry Blackman
John Rice, NSA Staff


Sub-Committee – Federal Taxation Committee Members:
Elliot Hershman, Chair
Kelly Myers
Cindy Price
Peggy Johnson
Tim Sundstrom
Kathy Hettick
John Rice, NSA Staff


Sub-Committee – Regulation & Oversight Committee Members:
Jense Creighton, Chair
Bill Delaney
Bernadette Koppy
Al Krueger
Sally Levitt
Walter Dudley
Mike Salazar
John Rice, NSA Staff


Committee Members:

Kathy Hammer, Chair
Debra Cope – Board Member
Bob Thoma – Board Member


Committee Members:

Eric Hansen, Chair – Board Member
Steve Hill – Board Member
Curt Lee, NSA 1st VP
John Rice, NSA Staff


Committee Members:

Ruth Godfrey, NSA Secretary/Treasurer
Curt Lee, NSA 1st VP
Andrew Piernock – Board Member
Margie Strider – Board Member
Ephraim Vega, NSA Staff
John Rice, NSA Staff


Committee Members:

Debra Cope, Chair – Board Member
Marchelle Foshee, NSA 2nd VP
Brian Thompson, NSA Past President
Ephraim Vega, NSA Staff
John Rice, NSA Staff