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Tax Pros: Do You Know What You're Worth?

As the 2013 filing season rapidly approaches, are all of your prices set? Do you know what other tax professionals are charging?

The 2012- 2013 Income and Fees of Accountants and Tax Preparers in Public Practice has just been released just in time for filing season. 

Read the official release here:

The latest Income & Fee Survey contains detailed information on fees charged for various services, broken down by state, geographic region and practice size. The NSA survey also includes information on salaries and compensation for principals/partners, practitioners and support staff, as well as fringe benefits. Demographic data on the respondents describes type of practice, community size, gender, credentials, years in practice, and education level. Operating expenses broken down by category are included in addition to information on succession planning. NSA Members have full, free access to all 403 pages of the survey. 

Here’s a sneak peak at National Averages for Average Fees* from the 2012-2013 report: 


*please note that fees vary based on location, demographics, etc. 

Here are two tools to help you stay informed about pricing and best practices for your tax business this filing season:  

1.  “What Am I Worth?” presented by Bob Cross, PA, ABA, ATA and Bill Parrish, ABA, ATA, ATP, ARA. 

One of our most popular webinars ever, “What Am I Worth?” explores

  • What you should be charging for your services to receive the income you deserve
  • Potential barriers to achieving a greater income level and offers effective solutions
  • How to discover some of the time and energy wasters in your practice and develop ways to eliminate them

You can purchase the one hour archived webinar for a special price of $15 and receive 1 CPE credit for Business Management and Organization:

2. Bonus webinar handout: Highlights of the NSA 2012-2013 Income and Fees of Accountants and Tax Preparers in Public Practice. This PDF download contains helpful graphs, figures, and charts of national averages for the following plus additional information on average number of employees, fees for Federal Tax Returns, average hourly fees and more.