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  • Affordable Care Act Adds a New Twist to Tax Preparation

    Filing your tax return this year comes with a new twist: confirmation of your health insurance. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), taxpayers filing 2014 tax returns must attest that they had health care insurance since January 1, 2014 for themselves and their dependents.
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  • Preparer Fees in the Tax Season Home Stretch

    Some preparers charge for last-minute filing, disorganized paperwork, the expedition of a return and more. If you are wondering how your fees compare to other professionals in your area, find out here.
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  • IRS Reform Bill Passes House Ways and Means Committee

    The House Ways and Means Committee passed seven bills Wednesday all with the intention of reforming the Internal Revenue Service.
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  • IRS Hurts Taxpayers with Inefficient Refund Disallowance Notices

    Nina Olson, National Taxpayer Advocate, recently presented her Annual IRS Report to Congress. One of the “Most Serious Problems” she covered was inefficient refund disallowance notices. By looking closely at the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, it becomes clear where the IRS is failing.
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  • IRS Website Traffic Increases as Taxpayers Turn to for Answers During Filing Season

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  • Are You Self Employed? Check Out These IRS Tax Tips

    Many people who carry on a trade or business are self-employed. Sole proprietors and independent contractors are two examples of self-employment. If this applies to you, there are a few basic things you should know about how your income affects your federal tax return. Here are six important tips about income from self-employment.
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  • The Importance of Tax Season Marketing

    We know, we know- you are right in the middle of tax season- buried in tax returns and the last thing on your mind is marketing your tax practice. You need to remember that marketing your tax practice is a year round job. As the tax business owner, you are the “face” of your tax business and people must get to know you and your firm’s capabilities before they will use your service or make referrals.
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  • IRS Completes the "Dirty Dozen" Tax Scams for 2015

    The Internal Revenue Service wrapped up the 2015 "Dirty Dozen" list of tax scams today with a warning to taxpayers about aggressive telephone scams continuing coast-to-coast during the early weeks of this year's filing season.
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  • How Do Your Fees Compare? [Infographic]

    The National Society of Accountants Income & Fees of Accountants in Public Practice Survey provides detailed fee, operating, benefit, and compensation information for tax preparation and accounting firms broken out by state, region, and practice size. Read the survey highlights here.
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  • PTIN Expiration Notices Going Out

    Beginning today, January 21, the IRS is sending expiration notices to PTIN holders who have not yet renewed their PTIN for 2015. Read a copy here. Anyone receiving a notice can still renew their PTIN online at any time, but their status has been changed to “expired” until they do so.
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