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  • IRS Asks Senate for Authority to Regulate Tax Return Preparers

    IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has asked the Senate Finance Committee to quickly enact a proposal in the president's fiscal year 2015 budget giving the IRS authority to regulate tax preparers. Koskinen, speaking at an April 8 hearing before the Committee, said legislation would allow the IRS to go forward with mandatory testing and continuing education requirements following a key court decision in Loving v. IRS.
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  • As e-file Grows, IRS Receives Fewer Tax Returns on Paper

    As of March 28, the Internal Revenue Service has received 82 million returns through e-file, about 91 percent of returns filed this year. Only about 9 percent, 8.3 million returns, were filed on paper.
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  • Breaking the News: How to Prepare Your Clients for the Unexpected

    As a tax preparer, sometimes you have to break the news to tax clients that they owe a large amount on their tax returns. Sometimes, they have no idea that this was coming and have not prepared for a large tax bill. NSA members weigh in on how to break the news gently and tips learned from trial and error and years of experience:
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  • Ten Facts about Capital Gains and Losses

    When you sell a ’capital asset,’ the sale usually results in a capital gain or loss. A ‘capital asset’ includes most property you own and use for personal or investment purposes. Here are 10 facts from the IRS on capital gains and losses.
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  • How to Overcome Price Resistance This Tax Season

    Every year, business owners and especially individuals have more choices when it comes to preparing their federal and state tax returns. That can translate into price resistance for tax preparers, but it doesn’t have to.
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  • Impact of IRS Budget Cuts [Infographic]

    What's worse than Congress passing more than 4,400 changes to the federal tax law over the space of just a few years
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  • Filing Season 2014 Begins with More Returns Filed

    The IRS today announced that tax filings in 2014 have outpaced filings for the same time last year. As of Feb. 7, the IRS received 27.3 million returns, up 2.5 percent compared to the same time last year. Electronically filed returns account for almost 96 percent of those filed so far this year.
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  • Court of Appeals agrees that IRS lacks the statutory authority to regulate tax return preparers

    Today, the Court of Appeals issued a unanimous opinion agreeing with the District Court’s view that the IRS lacks the statutory authority to regulate tax return preparers. The Appeals Court opinion states that: "In our view, at least six considerations foreclose the IRS’s interpretation of the statute" (Op. 6.)
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  • Top NSA Resources for Tax Season

    We know time is precious during tax season, so take a few moments to make sure you’re not missing out on these tax resources from NSA and around the web:
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  • IRS Budget Cuts Mean Delays, Less Help from IRS

    What's worse than Congress passing more than 4,400 changes to the federal tax law over the space of just a few years? Cutting the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) budget so much that it is exceedingly difficult even to get a person on the phone to help you and possibly delaying tax refunds. That’s the scary scenario the National Society of Accountants (NSA) is warning about now that the U.S. House of Representatives has passed the 2014 Omnibus Appropriations Act, which cut IRS funding from $11.8 billion in FY 2013 down to $11.3 billion in FY 2014 – the lowest budget since 2008.
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