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  • Responding to third party subpoenas

  • IRS Tax Forums: New Orleans

    The 2014 New Orleans Tax Forum was awesome! The attendance was up, hotel was sold out, and the restaurants were outstanding! The service in New Orleans is above and beyond – at every turn the people were very hospitable and kind. We certainly appreciated the warm welcome of the attendees, many of whom have seen us year after year in various cities across the country.
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  • IRS Tax Forums Recap from Sunny San Diego

    So then there was San Diego. What a great city to host the Forums. Our presentations have been well received and it is apparent that the topics are timely. We are realizing that the subject of S Corporation officer compensation is still a big concern for attendees. The discussion of shareholder basis is also a subject that is generating lots of questions.
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  • Five Basic Tax Tips for New Businesses

    The details one must consider when opening a new business can be overwhelming. One important area to understand is your tax obligations. You may need to know not only about income taxes but also about payroll taxes. The IRS has offered the following five basic tax tips that can help get your business off to a good start.
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  • The Windy City: Chicago IRS Tax Forum Recap

    The 2014 Chicago IRS Tax Forum was a great success and a wonderful start to the Tax Forum season! The city of Chicago is beautiful and the people were very hospitable and kind. We appreciated the attitudes and warm welcome of the attendees, many of whom we have seen year after year in various cities across the country.
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  • IRS Tax Forums 2014: Chicago!

    Hey Chicago! Is the windy city ready to kick the 2014 Tax Forum season off? Kathy and I are jetting there now to present: “Business Expenses and the S Corporation – what you really need to know!” and “Dealing with the S Corporation K-1 to the 1040 – what you really need to know!”
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  • IRS Releases New Streamlined Application for 501(c)(3) Organizations

    The IRS just introduced a new, shorter application form to help small charities apply for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status more easily. For those that qualify to use this new application, the form was streamlined down to two pages from the previous 23-page document.
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  • U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Offers Win For Taxpayers

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that taxpayers have a right to challenge an Internal Revenue Service summons enforcement proceedings when they can show the tax agency might have issued the summons in bad faith.
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  • Sneak Peek: NSA Live Enrolled Agent Review Course

    The NSA live Enrolled Agent Review Course is a fast-paced and entertaining 24 hours of intense preparation for the Enrolled Agents examination!
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  • How to Create Promotional Pieces that Attract Your Ideal Clients

    Whether you’re creating a sales letter, a brochure, a newsletter, or any other business promotional piece, you need to write in a way that not only explains your product or service, but also compels your prospects to contact you. In order to entice prospects to contact you based on your promotional mailings, you need to keep your writing both lively and factual. The following guidelines will help you write promotional pieces that even your toughest prospects won’t be able to resist.
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  • Show Me the Margins

    Many entrepreneurs I’m currently working with are anxious to hit the golden $100,000 mark this year. Others are interested in growing their revenues steadily and incrementally. Still others are focused on lowering costs, raising profits from that side of the equation.
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