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  • The Administration's budget proposal released on Tuesday, May 22, includes two provisions that may affect NSA members. In the section of the budget proposal related to reducing improper payments, ... Read

  • Over 66 million people in the United States are currently receiving Social Security or SSI benefits, yet the Social Security system is one of the most complicated retirement plans in the world. Unfortunately, ... Read

  • Nuts and Bolts of an IRS Audit

    There are various factors that may lead to an IRS audit (e.g., 1099 matching, high Discriminant Inventory Function (DIF) score, whistleblower, etc.). The easy answer to avoiding an IRS audit is to report ... Read

  • Just thought I'd throw these two in for consideration and discussion. I took another look at the cites. First, retroactive reinstatement is covered in  Revenue Procedure 2014-11 .  The four (4) mechanisms covered by the RP all are predicated on reasonable ...

  • The meaning of that statement is not very clear and it does agree with the overall subject. I personally would take my chances on the $5000.00 penalty because I do believe that is at the discretion of the IRS to penalize a preparer, not us. I'm not advising ...

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    RE: Memorial Day

    Oo-rah (as you can tell, not Army here). I agree. Freedom has never been free.   My family and I wish the best to our men and women at home, deployed and in theater, and pray for those Marines/Soldiers/Sailors/Airmen who have paid the ultimate cost ...

Main Street Practitioner

In this issue of Main Street Practitioner:

  • Sometimes Bad Things Just Happen
  • Going Paperless this Tax Season? These Tips Make It Worthwhile
  • Taxing the Gig Economy, Part 1: ‘Interesting Tax Situations’ Create Gray Areas for On-demand Drivers
  • Taxing the Gig Economy, Part 2: Nontraditional Home Rentals Aren’t Always a Perfect Fit with the Tax Law
  • Five Trends for the Modern Accountant in 2017
  • IRS Revenue Code Section 280:  A Tax Potpourri
  • Avoid Lapses in Your Professional Liability Coverage
  • Highlights of Pertinent 2016 Tax Code Changes
  • Tax Season Time Outs
  • Horrible and Hilarious Client Stories
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