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  • Hi Carol They did away with that rule when they replaced it with the current 250/500 exclusion. If they have a gain over that, reinvesting is no longer an option so they are stuck paying the tax. Mark Nelson Jr, EA ------Original ...

  • If they qualify for the exemption of $250,000 but the gain is more than this amount, can be tax exempt if they reinvest into another home? Thank you. ------------------------------ Carl Mir ------------------------------

  • If a person qualifies for the exemption, the amount realized over the exemption has no effect on the next purchase. ------------------------------ Jack Franklin EA, ATA, ATP, RTRP jfrank001@bellsouth.net Franklin Accounting, Inc. (Est 1969) Conyers GA ...

Main Street Practitioner

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  • The IRS is Coming: How to Prepare for the New IRS Partnership Audit Regime (Part II)
  • Peer Review Changes - a Reviewer's Perspective
  • Taxing the Gig Economy, Part 3: The Unintended Consequences of Being a Small Business
  • The Complete, Yet Simple, Marketing Plan For Solo Tax Practitioners
  • How to Fire a Client
  • Why Real Estate Inside the Closely Held C Corporation Should Generally Be Avoided

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