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  • Owners technically do not receive a salary. They receive a distribution of profits. ------------------------------ Michael Jacobson ATA, ATP, CPTx, RSBA, JD Custom Tax Service (773) 804-0944

  • Here is the wrinkle "An investor in a LLC gave my client $150,000 which he deposited in his personal bank account." Yet the TP clearly stated what the money was for. I would open up an interest bearing checking account and place the $150K in it and...

  • The wrinkle is that it was placed in the TP's personal checking account. Is there a paper trail bringing the funds into the corporation/LLC? This is an example of letter vs. spirit of the law. If a paper trail exists, you may have to justify...

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  • Main Street Practitioner August 2016Ethics in the Eye of the Beholder: What Conduct is Most Likely to Result in Discipline Under Circular 230?
  • From A to Zuckerberg: New Tech & Social Media for Tax Accountants
  • The Accountant’s Role During the IRS Interview and Audit
  • Audits of Section 401(k) Plans - Should Your Firm Make the Commitment?
  • Text Message Marketing Best Practices for Tax & Accounting Professionals
  • Offers in Compromise: A Seldom Used but Powerful Tool in Your Tax Resolution Arsenal
  • Why I Belong: Member Profile Vicki McGuar
  • August President's Message:
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