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  • 26 CFR 301.6104(d)–1(b)(4) states that only the "informational returns" (i.e: 990) have to be available publicly. I can't find any cite that dictates specific financial reports to be disclosed in addition to the returns. State and local charity...

  • If you look at Publication 225, they specifically cover house trailers for farm laborers. It's not 'dead-on' but it leads in a direction. What differentiates the treatment is whether the trailer "has wheels and a history of movement." This differentiates...

  • You generally cannot amend a missing return, and sending a second "original" return is considered "asking for trouble" Take the time to make the time... a couple of minutes ordering a tax account and return transcript will save the client a mess of...

Main Street Practitioner

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  • Going Paperless this Tax Season? These Tips Make It Worthwhile
  • Taxing the Gig Economy, Part 1: ‘Interesting Tax Situations’ Create Gray Areas for On-demand Drivers
  • Taxing the Gig Economy, Part 2: Nontraditional Home Rentals Aren’t Always a Perfect Fit with the Tax Law
  • Five Trends for the Modern Accountant in 2017
  • IRS Revenue Code Section 280:  A Tax Potpourri
  • Avoid Lapses in Your Professional Liability Coverage
  • Highlights of Pertinent 2016 Tax Code Changes
  • Tax Season Time Outs
  • Horrible and Hilarious Client Stories
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