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  • I agree with Bill. It's a matter of substance over ??? Daughter is apparent owner of this business as mother cannot establish otherwise. Until steps are taken to restructure ownership of this business, there is little the daughter can do to avoid the ...

  • Watch out for AMT. If he's subject to amt, then paying ahead on the property taxes could mean he pays more in taxes. If not subject to amt, prepay current year state tax and next years state tax. Mark S Nelson Jr, EA Admitted to Practice ...

  • Indiana residents are taxed on gambling income since it is part of Federal AGI. There are no deductions, adjustments or credits for losses against the income. Indiana will generally withhold Indiana income tax from winnings at the time of payout. Non-residents ...

Main Street Practitioner

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  • Sometimes Bad Things Just Happen
  • Going Paperless this Tax Season? These Tips Make It Worthwhile
  • Taxing the Gig Economy, Part 1: ‘Interesting Tax Situations’ Create Gray Areas for On-demand Drivers
  • Taxing the Gig Economy, Part 2: Nontraditional Home Rentals Aren’t Always a Perfect Fit with the Tax Law
  • Five Trends for the Modern Accountant in 2017
  • IRS Revenue Code Section 280:  A Tax Potpourri
  • Avoid Lapses in Your Professional Liability Coverage
  • Highlights of Pertinent 2016 Tax Code Changes
  • Tax Season Time Outs
  • Horrible and Hilarious Client Stories
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