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    RE: Clergy

    Thank you to all who responded. William Goldberg CPA 3960 E Calvary Road, Duluth, MN 55803 Telephone 218-724-1005 Fax 888-679-6255 Email bill@wgoldbergcpa.com ------Original Message------ The 941 instructions say you must ...

  • ​Great idea, Jack. Thanks. When the client said "new",  I'm not sure if he meant a new credit or a credit for new technology.  I think the speaker was talking about depreciation (my client mentioned sec 168(k)) but that is useless since they only sell ...

  • ​What I'm saying, Jack, is that maybe the real reason of the audit didn't have anything to do with the Schedule C itself.  It could merely be who prepared it. ------------------------------ Jodi L Lovell EA, ATA jodi@thelovellgroup.net The Lovell Group, ...

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  • The Complete, Yet Simple, Marketing Plan For Solo Tax Practitioners
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  • Why Real Estate Inside the Closely Held C Corporation Should Generally Be Avoided

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