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  • The IRS Issued Revenue Procedure 2016-14 The IRS today issued Revenue Procedure 2016-14, which provides inflation adjustments for certain items for 2016, including the section 179 expensing limits.... Read

  • IRS Resumes Processing Tax Returns The IRS announced it resumed processing individual and business tax returns at approximately 5 p.m. Thursday following resolution of its system outage. Many of... Read

  • The IRS Hardware Failure Update

    New Update IRS teams continued working throughout the night and this morning on the system outage, and many of our tools and applications came back up this morning, including “Where’s My Refund”... Read

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    RE: Mileage to work site

    Because the home office was not disclosed until after Bill responded. Once again the problem was masked by lack of information. ------------------------------ Michael Jacobson ATA, ATP, CPTx, RSBA, JD Custom Tax Service (773)...

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    RE: Mileage to work site

    A self employed person with an office in the home. Any business related mileage would start from the home office. If he drives the Silverado instead of the Sterling, he saves a boatload of cash. I'm just not following why it wouldn't be deductible....

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    RE: Multiple DBA's

    Terri, I can't locate exemption you are referring to except following FUTA exemption Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax You must pay FUTA tax if you meet either of the following tests. You paid cash wages of $20,000 or more to farmworkers...

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