NSA 1040 101 Course 

The authors and NSA are delighted to offer this 1040 101 Course for the tax year 2013!  Learn to prepare individual tax returns with this course, written by John O. Everett, Ph.D., CPA and Cherie J. Hennig, Ph.D., CPA, nationally recognized tax authors and lecturers. This guide is differentiated from other study guides with its emphasis on diagrams, examples, and case studies that allow you to LEARN the law, and not just memorize facts. This online course also comes with a complimentary downloadable PDF copy.

We believe that this guide is designed for maximum success in understanding and preparing the basic 1040 . The material is allocated into 11 logical chapters of coverage, with a variety of topics discussed within each chapter. A wealth of examples, diagrams, cautions, tips, and observations are included as aids in deciphering the more complex provisions. Each chapter includes numerous “Test Your Knowledge” questions at the end of each topic in a chapter with immediate grading, feedback, and unlimited attempts. 

Course Level: Basic/Intermediate - No Prerequisites Required 
10 hrs CPE/ Taxes

Online Course Features: 
  • 100 % online; available 24/7
  • Easy to use, user friendly format
  • Get immediate results and feedback on review questions 
  • Unlimited attempts
  • Supplement online version with your complimentary PDF copy
  • Instructor support via email within 24 hours or less
What's Inside